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The "Life is Better Together" photo contest is a fundraiser to benefit homeless pets. The Petco Foundation promotes adoption, spay/neuter, therapy and guide dog training and numerous animal welfare programs enacted by over 8000 partner groups. 

Your participation in this contest, while fun and rewarding for you, will also help the many programs the Petco Foundation supports. We hope to show the world through your photos the amazing dogs, cats, bunnies and companion animals that can be adopted through shelters and rescues. What a great way for your own pet to give back! 

The suggested tax deductible donation for submitting a photo is $5, but you are certainly not limited to that. And there's good news -this initial donation is counted toward your pet's votes ($1/vote) and is appreciated by the thousands of animals that this contest will benefit! Further, you are encouraged to invite your friends and family to enter and/or vote for your photo to generate money for your local shelter or rescue of choice. 

There are two contests which happen simultaneously:
  1. Fundraising Contest: Choose a rescue/shelter partner to fundraise for (through photo votes at $1/vote). You will be teamed up with other individuals who have chosen that same partner to form a Fundraising Team. Fundraising Teams that raise $1,500 or more will have their names attributed to checks written to those partners. Teams that raise less than $1,500 can be assured that their fundraising dollars will still go to reputable animal welfare organizations, but not necessarily the organization that they've chosen. The top three Individual Fundraisers will win an additional grant of $2,500 to their chosen rescue/shelter.

  2. Calendar Contest: 12 winners will be chosen from all entries by an independent panel of judges to be included in the 2015 Petco Foundation Calendar that will be offered in Petco stores nationwide. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the 2015 Petco Foundation Calendar will be used to assist the over 8,000 animal welfare groups with whom the Petco Foundation partners. The winners of the calendar portion of the contest will be chosen from adopted/rescued pets. To encourage more participation from pet owners other than cats and dogs, note that at least two of the photos chosen will showcase a smaller companion animal (rabbit, hamster, ferret, rat, guinea pig, lizard, bird...)
See the prizes tab to see what you can win in each contest.  Additionally on this page, you will learn what you can earn when you fundraise $100, $250, $500, $1000, $2000 or more!

Each photo entry enters you automatically in both contests. (See rules for specific information about each contest).

Currently we do not have all Petco Foundation partners listed in the initial drop down for the contest. If you're not there, don't worry - you can be added during the entry process!

During the entry process, choose "My Shelter is not in the Drop Down" - the last choice in the drop down list on the entry page. Type your shelter's name in the text box.  Note that the addition of partners to the drop down is a manual process and can take up to 48 hours to be displayed.  Be assured that any fundraising done prior to when the correct name shows up on your entry will be applied to your organization.

Your shelter/rescue name must be on our 
current active partner list to participate.

Unfortunately, we cannot add new partners during this contest. If you are not currently a Petco Foundation Charitable Partner, please consider applying for assistance or partnering with a store for one of our in-store fundraisers so that you are granted partner status by the next contest.

  • Photos with natural light are best because you avoid the issues with demonic flash eyes. Open the blinds, turn on more lights or head outside.
  • Move in as close as you can without scaring or distracting your pet to really showcase how adorable he/she is.
  • Try shooting from different angles. You never know which angle is perfect to capture your own pet's unique smile.
  • Pay attention to what is behind your pet. We've all seen those photos where Uncle Harold appears to have a plant growing out of his head. Look through the viewfinder as you move around your pet until what is behind them is mostly a solid, non-distracting background.
  • Pay attention to what is on the floor near your pet. If you're looking through the viewfinder and see a dirty sock by Fluffy's paw, kick the sock out of the way before taking your shot.
  • Things to avoid:

    • Choke, shock or pinch collars and muzzles
    • Blurry subjects
    • Camera phone photos, which are very often not large enough to use for print purposes.  These photos can be used for the fundraising portion but will likely not be a high enough resolution for the photo contest.
    • Busy photos, where there is so much going on in the background that it takes attention away from your pet. Similarly, photos where your pet is only a minor addition to the photo. This is a pet photo contest so, while the Grand Canyon is impressive, it likely will distract from adorable little Muffin who accompanied you on your vacation.
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