As an absentee step father to Mr. Tadashi — for almost half of his handsome, very young, life — as a means to hopefully buy back my way into his life, I’m here on this platform voting and showing support for him. That is, my SON for whom I care about deeply and is the best pup, friend, and all around amazing soul you can meet in the form of an Akita dog-child. ‘Dashi boy? If you’re reading this…game of catch some time?? Huh, boy, whaddaya sayyy 😃🥹??.. Fetch the ol’ pig skin ‘round w your old man maybe once or twice?….I mean, hah, 15 bucks, son, I mean c’mon now. That ain’t cheap today and think that at LEAST buys me 15 minutes 😒🤗…okay, deal?? Sniff me out!! Find me!! Your mom can’t keep us apart foreverrr!!! ❤️
Mayra Martinez-cruz
Mr. Tadashi is a sweet and handsome dog. And would do anything to keep his mama safe. And loves lots of pets and cuddles from everyone!
Jessica Santiago
Mr. Tadashi is elegant, very well behaved and sweet. He adores his mom and keep her safe. He deserves to win because his a total gentleman and one of a kind furbaby. We love you Tadashi!