Shaheer Sajid 5 votes
Will 5 votes
His glasses help him clearly see the bad in the world so he can eradicate it. Thanks Ollie.
Dustin 30 votes
Objectively the best dog around. Ollie has helped me so much with things like staying fit, girls, my diff EQ homework, my marriage, and so much more. One time I saw Ollie jump in a frozen lake to save a man that was chasing a goose. He helped me land my dream job and was there for me when I faced my biological father for the first time. Ollie was the best man at my wedding and gave the toast of a doggy lifetime. I’ll never forget when Ollie held my firstborn child in his little paws and said “Dustin you’re the luckiest guy alive.” …yes… I am Ollie. But not because of my firstborn child. It’s because…of you. I love you Ollie.
Brandon 10 votes
Very proud to see the most perfect, goodest boy here! -Your favorite uncle
Felecity 30 votes
A cuddle bug to the highest degree 😍
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