Darren Love 50 votes
The brightest light! When I first saw his rescue profile I knew he would have a loving home with us for years to come. So happy we were able to rescue him. I sometimes think he chose us...
Judith Seiling 100 votes
Charlie is a very special member of our family...gentle, fun-loving, people friendly and is the unofficial "Mayor" of our community!❤
Fred Seiling 50 votes
He's my main man
jennifer Germana 5 votes
Charlie is the biggest teddy bear. He is the happiest dog. One of the most loved dogs I have ever seen. Never a vacation that he is not a part of. Aside from all of that, he’s just gorgeous. What more can you ask for.
Sharon Michael 20 votes
Not enough adjectives to describe this handsome boy!! Love everything about him …….especially when he leans into me just to get closer and paws me for a better scratch😉. Who could say no?????
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