Kristieann Dischler 15 votes
A pure lady of class and delicate tastes. Ms. Maggie is a true original who drives the fellows crazy and strikes envy in the hearts of her fellow felines. VA VA voom. Meowwwwww. Dedicated Admirers Leo, Manny and Otis.
Gretchen bunn 5 votes
I am the sweetheart of Miss Maggie and I can testify she is the sweetest, most beautiful love-bug!
Gary Lozow 50 votes
There is something very special about Miss Maggie!!! In addition to being photogenic, she is sweet and loving. Cannot wait to see her in the Calendar.
Mike mcphee 20 votes
I'm jealous of Valentino.. Xx mike
Mulcahy Sean 10 votes
She is so sweet. The picture doesn't do her justice