Laura Pescetti
Go Joaquin go !!! You are a great friend , companion , traveler and guardian . You represent all an owner would like their pet to have and behave . Hope to see you on the calendar so we are all reminded of your strength and character .
Jeff L
Go Buddy Go
Barbara H.
You are pretty darn cute and I know your human parents are among the best! Hope you win Joaquin and make them proud.
Randal Quesnelle
Love you guys he should definitely win he’s so cool . And the owners are pretty cool as well. Lucky pippy ain’t competing lol😘😎🙏💪
Marianne and Patricia Jones & Martinez
We know Mister Joaquin as a handsome hearty guy who came from the Great San Joaquin Valley of CA and from very humble beginnings. He was fortunate to find such a fantastic home in BC and we’re happy that he has come to visit us on a couple of long car trips he has taken to spread his doggie joy near and far. If and when you meet Joaquin be prepared to be impressed with his stature and his presence; Big Dog demeanor with a seriously sweet temperament ❤️
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