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Owner's Name
Jasmin Belisario

San Diego

Pet's Quirks
Biting objects at random (including his arms); not noticing food unless you point to it in the water; bumping into things in his aquarium.

Pet's Story
Crush (later renamed Wasabi) was previously living under insufficient conditions and had developed shell rot due to a makeshift ramp that didn't allow him to easily sun bask out of the water. When we noticed this while pet sitting for the original owner, we purchased a proper ramp/turtle topper and gifted it to them. Later when Crush was offered to us for an adoption fee, we gladly took him in and got straight to work on mitigating his shell rot. When taking him out of his tank for the daily shell cleaning, he used to get quite startled and would hiss at us, thus earning the feisty name Wasabi. Years later, he is now a healthy red-eared slider who loves sun basking for most of the day and is no longer afraid of human interaction.

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