Help & Support
No-Brainer Marketing: Advertising Your Contest to Previous Participants
Have you run a contest with us in the past? Reach out to your previous participants for easy way to promote your newest contest.
Contest Promotions: Keep Your Participants Engaged
SPCA Serving Erie County ran a successful photo contest fundraiser that raised over $22,000 by running vote promotions.
How To Successfully Promote Your Fundraiser On Facebook
Facebook can be a great tool for promoting your contest, if used correctly. Read on to find out the best ways to promote your photo contest on Facebook.
Locating Calendar Purchase Information in GGPC Admin
For those using our Calendar Pre-Sale Module: Instructions for locating calendar pre-order information (contact information, amount ordered, shipped/pickedup) in the GGPC Admin.
Locating Participant Information (Name, Mailing Address, etc) For Your Contest in the GGPC Admin
Your contest is over and it's time to contact the winners and participants. We make it easy to find participant information in the GGPC Admin, find out more here.
Submitting a Test Entry (Or Entries Collected Offline) Into Your Photo Contest
Once your photo contest site is all set up, we recommend testing out the entry process. This will give you an opportunity to ensure that your entry settings are correct. These instructions also apply to submitting entries that you've collected offline (if applicable).
Receiving Your Contest Funds/Payouts
Your photo contest has launched and your goal thermometer is going up, up, up. How do you receive the donations that are coming in? How quickly will you have access to these funds? Click to learn more.
Changing an Entrant's Photo
You may have entrants contact you because they inadvertently uploaded the wrong photo to their entry, or perhaps their photo violates your rules. Contest Admins can easily upload a new photo to an entry by following these steps.
Downloading Images From Your Contest
You have access to all of the full-sized photos and images uploaded to your contest site. Find out how to access these photos within the GGPC Admin.
Running a Calendar Photo Contest
Offering a spot in a 12 month calendar is one of the most common prizes offered by organizations that use our software. Read more about how this option can work for you.