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Calendar Reserve-A-Day Module
Many calendar design templates allow customization of individual dates with a photo (and sometimes even a caption). We were asked by an organization to add a Reserve-A-Day feature to our system, which allows participants to reserve a specific calendar day and upload a photo to be featured on that day in exchange for a donation.

The Reserve-A-Day Module is now available to any organization that is offering a photo calendar as part of their prize package and is working with a print shop that allows customization of individual calendar days.

Why Should I Offer Reserved Dates?

Two simple reasons:
1) Increased calendar sales. People LOVE the idea of a tribute to their pet, whether they reserve the date they brought their pet home, their pet's birthday, or even their own birthday. This leads to more pets being included in your calendar, which is sure to increase calendar sales since it's a safe bet that most people who reserve a day intend to buy a calendar. 

2) It's an easy way to increase your fundraising total since a donation is required to reserve-a-day. This means you could possibly hit the $5000/5% threshold quicker.

Overall, using the "Reserve-a-Day" module makes your calendar more inclusive, instead of limiting it to just those who win.

How Does It Work?

You specify the donation amount required per calendar date (most organizations require a $10-$15 donation).  We take this information and create a Reserve-A-Day form that look similar to this:

This form is available under the Participate drop-down on your contest site.

You can share the link to the form on your website and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc). The form can remain live even after your contest has ended, for continued Reserve-A-Day sales.

Our form automatically collects the image to be used on the calendar date, and also makes sure that only one photo can appear on each date (once a date is reserved, it is no longer available to be reserved by someone else).

You will have access to the information for those who have reserved a day in the GGPC Admin under Contest Entries> Calendar Days (private details have been blurred for this example- click to enlarge):

You can also download the images uploaded to the Reserve-A-Day Module on this page, by clicking Download Calendar Day Images at the top of the page.

Is this module right for my photo contest?

Keep in mind that GoGo Photo Contest does not offer calendar design services, and so you would need to work with a print house or studio that allows individual calendar days to be customized.  

We recommend working with our friends at GBC Fundraising Calendars- they offer customized dates among a plethora of other calendar options.

How much does it cost to use this module?

The Reserve-A-Day Module does not cost extra to use, but the donations that come in through the module are subject to our regular GoGo Photo Contest transaction fees. Read more about it here. 

I want to use this module- how do I advertise it on my photo contest site?

We'll place a blurb on your Home page that says the following (this can be customized, of course):

Reserve a Day to Honor your Pet!

Want a guaranteed spot in the calendar?  Reserve a day to honor your pet.  Your pet's photo will appear on the day of your choice.  ­Just choose your favorite photo and then choose the day and pay!  First come first served!  Once a date has been reserved, it will no longer be available.  Each day is $xx. Submit your photo and $xx donation here!