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Changing an Entrant's Photo
The only way to change an image on an entry is through the GGPC Admin- entrants cannot change their images themselves. To change the photo on an entry, follow the steps below.

To Upload A New Photo To An Entry

1. Log into the GGPC Admin:

2. Navigate to
Or, click CONTEST ENTRIES at the top of the GGPC Admin

3. Search for the entry. You can either do this by locating the participant in the drop-down at the top of the page, or by doing a search using CTRL+F on the page

4. When you've located the entry, click the Pencil icon to edit it.

5. The Add/Edit Entry screen loads. Select CHOOSE FILE next to the Image field and navigate to the new photo on your computer.

6. Click SAVE at the bottom of the Add/Edit Entry screen to save the new photo to the entry


You may have to REFRESH the page in both the GGPC Admin and at your contest site to see the new image-  sometimes the old image will remain cached in your browser.