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Extending the End Date of your Contest

Once your contest has begun, we do not recommend extending the ending date, especially as your contest nears its end. You may have participants that view it "unfair" if they've rallied hard for votes, only to have the competition extended.

Although we do not recommend it, we have had contest administrators do it in the past. Instructions are below.

1. Log into the GGPC Admin (

2. Navigate to Contest Settings > Voter Settings:

3. Adjust your ending voting date/time, and then click SAVE VOTER SETTINGS:

4. Navigate to Contest Settings > Entry Settings and follow the same steps as above (a quick shortcut is to just click the "Voting End" link when setting the new end date and time):

5. If you're using any of our Sales Modules (Calendar Pre-Sales, Reserve-a-Day), you'll want to make sure that those dates are adjusted as well. Navigate to Entry Settings > Sales Modules to adjust those dates and follow the steps above.


6. Double-check that your new end date is correct on the dashboard of the GGPC Admin (