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TICA is the world's largest genetic cat registry and the most important registry for Bengal Cats. Bengal Cats were accepted for exhibition in TICA in 1986 and achieved championship status in 1991. Today, Bengal Cats serve as ambassadors for TICA, the enjoyment of beautiful feline fun and the success of the cooperative efforts of an invested breeding community, an informed registry and an engaged scientific community.

TICA's Bengal Cat Breed Committee is composed of seven individuals elected by Bengal Cat breed section of The International Cat Association (TICA) for a three year term. The Bengal Cat breed section is anyone who has identified Bengal Cats as a breed of primary interest or they show Bengal Cats, breed Bengal Cats or JUST LOVE BENGAL CATS! The Bengal Cat breed section has more people than any other breed in TICA and in fact, any other breed section in the history of TICA!

Jay Bangle, Canie Brooks, Steven Corneille, Kelly Faram, Karen Sausman, Kathy Shaw and chair person Anthony Hutcherson, educate and present TICA's Bengal Cat standard. The Breed Committee has expanded the scope of their efforts to include public outreach, scientific engagement and advocacy on behalf of the Bengal Cat.

To accurately depict the Bengal cat and foster ongoing beneficial relationships with the academic and scientific communities, TICA's Bengal Cat Breed Committee created this calendar contest open to any TICA registered domestic (SBT) Bengal Cat.

The funds from this calendar will be used to support the following activities:

  1. Jean Mill Feline Enthusiast TIFF Scholarship administered by The International Feline Foundation. Apply for a grant to attend a conference to improve the care of cats and improve awareness of feline enthusiast efforts at;
  2. Sponsor Cat & Dog Workshop at the International Plant Animal Genetics and Genomics Conference Co-chaired by Chris Kaelin, PhD of Stanford University and Hudson Alpha Institute;
  3. Support Bengal Cat participation for TICA's major public outreach efforts such as Meet The Breeds and TICA Annual 2019

Chris Kaelin
PhD of Stanford University

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