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Miss Pearl

Miss Pearl

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In March of 2022, Miss Pearl (formally know as Mattie), came to us as a foster from the Orlando shelter. She was in such horrible condition when she arrived and we were honestly worried if she would make it. She was skin and bones, covered in urine, her coat was matted, and she had some very serious eye concerns. One of her eyes was in such bad shape it was actually protruding out of its socket. She was very scared, and just trembled and barely made a noise or showed any kind of emotion that would make you believe she understood what was happening around her. It was heartbreaking.

Over the next few weeks, she slowly started to develop a personality and started showing signs of improvement, and even began to appear somewhat comfortable in her surroundings. Then came the tough part, we had her protruding eye removed, and shortly after her other eye which was also causing her pain and pressure. At this point we had to start over with many things as the dog that could barely see was now totally in the dark. We had to use sounds to guide her, protect her from getting run over by the other dogs, and safeguard her from falling in the pool. Soon she found her way through the house, and once we noticed she could return consistently to the water bowl, we knew that we couldn’t adopt her out, that she would need to spend the rest of her life with us.

Fast-forward 1 year, 4 surgeries in total, and a lot of bouncing off the walls, and we now have a blind dog who would make you think that should could see as good as many others. Her personality is not only over the top, but she is vocal, playful, and not scared to run full speed through a dog park! She is truly a success story and a giant part of our family.

P.S. We DNA tested her and she is 100% Papillion… and a husky 19# one at that!

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