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Pet's Age
5 years old

Des Moines


Pet's Story
After being abandoned all alone in the woods of Minnesota as a kitten baby Mufasa bravely fought off and hid from other animals trying to make him their lunch while learning to survive in the wild at the same time. Although a very tough little kitten Mufasa was often cold and very lonely because, as it turns out, wild forest animals are not very nice to other animals who don’t belong there.

One day, as luck would have it, a kind hearted man walking in the woods happened upon Mufasa and knew right away the kitten did not belong in the woods. He took Mufasa home fed him a good meal, gave him a bath (which Mufasa DID NOT like) and took him to the vet (which Mufasa liked less than his bath) to help him get healthy. The man took very good care of Mufasa and they lived happily together for few years but the man had to worked many hours a day and, although he was happy to have a home, Mufasa was still very lonely. The kind hearted man realized Mufasa was lonely and knew just what to do.

The man was close friends with a beautiful, loving and gentle lady who was mother to two equally beautiful little girls. As luck would have it again, these lovely ladies were in search of a four legged furry friend to add to their family. The day Mufasa came to live at the “all girl,” home was an exciting day indeed. The beautiful little girls has never seen a kitty so big and so fluffy before and were very quick to shower Mufasa with lots of love and affection. Although the kind hearted man was sad Mufasa was moving to a new home he was happy for him because he knew he would well taken care of and given lots of love.

Mufasa quickly learned that living in an “all girl,” home was VERY different than the home he had before. There were so many rules to follow and sometimes Mufasa missed the times when he could be alone. As time went by Mufasa, the lady and her little girls got to know each other better. Mufasa found he could enjoy time by himself relaxing in the window or on the couch when the lady was at work and the little girls were at school. He also found that he really liked playing pretend with the youngest of the two little girls. His favorite game of pretend with her was animal doctor but he’s careful not to let many people know that. When it came to the older of the two little girls Mufasa liked to listen to her play her keyboard, watch her draw, snuggle on the couch watching cartoons and he LOVED when she brought out “the red dot of terror,” for him to chase around the house. The lady was very kind and very loving to Mufasa. He could tell right away she was a good Mommy. She bushed his long fur, made sure he had fresh food and water every day and even gave him special kitty treats some days. Mufasa really liked to sit in her lap after she came home from work and snuggle next to in her warm bed at night time.

In a few short weeks Mufasa decided he liked living with the lady and her little girls. He was no longer cold or hungry like he was in the woods. He was no longer lonely like he was sometimes with the man either. Mufasa had decided this was HIS home and these were HIS ladies. The lady and her girls agreed that Mufasa was the piece that their little family was missing. Today you can find Mufasa living happily with his “fur-ever” family playing, snuggling and enjoying the “purr-fect” life he always wanted.

Pet's Best Personality Trait
Mufasa is VERY protective of his family. He greets anyone who comes to our home at the door and even lets us know when someone is in the driveway. We call this his “cat-dog” trait.

Pet's Favorite Thing To Do
Soak up all the love and attention our family and friends can offer.

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