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2021 CBRR&R Photo Calendar

Thanks for visiting our page! This contest has ended! Orders can be placed via PayPal on the cbrrescue.org website! 

Hey there, it's your Official Unofficial CBRR&R Calendar SpokesDog "Piper" here calling all Chesapeakes.

I have REALLY big news! The calendars have gone to print! They ARE AT THE PRINTER! ROOOOOO! You can still place your "pre-order" for your hard copy until the end of the day on November 1, 2020 via this system. (After that date, you can visit the cbrrescue.org site for ordering information.) Just $25 now including mailing costs. The plan is to have them in the MAIL before TURKEY DAY! (I love turkey day...but that's another story!) Get your order in and make sure you receive it before the December holidays. 

Just scroll over to your right and down a little on the screen and click "Calendar Pre-order" to open the box! All payment through this site are done by Stripe, which is super fast and super secure. 

And...for next year's contest... We're keeping these details here so you can refer to them while your humans take your photos over the winter months. Keep these things in mind so you can be entered in the next contest! 

We want YOU, er... Photos of you for our Calendar Contest; it's our biggest fundraiser of the year. So use some of that legendary Chesapeake assertiveness to get your humans to send us your pictures -- you could be famous! Upload them via our calendar contest website. Please be sure to include your name (we mean the dog!). Only two photo submissions per dog. No humans! Just dogs! (Don't you love that part?) Horizontal (landscape) photos ONLY for the calendar contest. If your best shot is a vertical photo, consider placing it on a "reserve a date" day instead! For just $10, you are guaranteed to be in a box on the calendar. 

If you aren't sure about the size of the photo, please submit it FIRST and wait for approval before placing votes! While votes can be moved if a photo is not approved, donations are not generally refunded (see the rules). Photo files have to be really, really BIG to work! Check first, vote later! 

Tips for calendar photographs--this is important!
I've been working with the calendar photographs and design for several years. There are always a portion of entries that have to be rejected for the main images because of small file sizes. I thought I'd share some notes about taking and downloading.

For reproduction purposes, submitted photographs need to be 300 dpi and at least 12 inches wide. Horizontal images are preferred, as the calendar has a horizontal format. Vertical images can be sent, but the file sizes need to be even larger to maintain the horizontal requirement. In other words, a vertical photograph would still need to be 12 inches wide, which would make it roughly 18 inches tall.

We check this in PhotoShop. If you don't have photo editing software, don't worry about it too much. Most digital cameras, and phones, will produce acceptable files, just so long as the download is made at the largest possible size. If you are using a cell phone to take the photograph, it is possible for this to work. Make sure you cell phone camera is set to take photos at high resolution. When you download it, download at the highest resolution possible. If you aren't sure, email the photo before submitting to development@cbrrescue.org at the highest resolution or largest file size. The bigger, the better! 

Also, before taking the photographs, if the camera has a setting for file size, make it as large as possible.

I'm looking forward to seeing your dogs for 2021.

Tim Myers

The top vote winner:
Will have their Photo used on the month of their choice in the 2021 CBRR&R Calendar as a full-page image and will receive one (1) copy of the 2021 calendar. Approximate retail value: $25.00 each.

The next 11 vote winners:
Will be used as a full-page image on one month of the 2021 calendar.

We will be using the traditional Sunday to Saturday format for this year's calendar. "Reserve a date" is also open for purchase. Almost over 30% of the proceeds for the calendar comes from "reserve a date" donations. It is also a terrific way to make sure you dog "makes the cut" especially if you don't have a high resolution photos. Reserve a date photos may be lower resolutions.

Calendars will be shipped in December in time for holiday gifts.

Reserve a Space in the Calendar to Honor Your Pet!
Honor a pet's memory or other hallmark when you reserve a calendar day for their photo. Just choose your favorite photo, choose a day, and donate! First come, first served. Each day requires a $10 donation.

Want to Pre-order Your Calendar?
Please consider pre-ordering a calendar.  During the pre-order time frame, calendars are just $25 each (including shipping). Once we close the pre-orders, the price increases to $30 each (including shipping). For large calendar orders, please contact development@cbrrescue.org for ordering instructions. Calendar pick up is available in the "greater Chicagoland area."

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