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2024 CBRR&R Photo Calendar Contest

Hey there friends, this is Quincy! I have been appointed as your adorable and annoying somewhat official CBRR&R Calendar Spokesdog!

We want YOU, er... Photos of you for our Calendar Contest; it's our biggest fundraiser of the year. So use some of that legendary Chesapeake assertiveness to get your humans to send us your pictures -- you could be famous!

Upload them here on this website. Create an account for the human...and please be sure to include your name (we mean the dog!). Only two photo submissions per dog. No humans! Just dogs! (Don't you love that part?) No really, no humans! Even in the "reserve a day" photos. Photos with humans will be rejected. No refunds for votes will be given if your photo is rejected, and you don't respond in time to replace it. Here's the other thing, while we love a good photo shoot, we also want to make sure we capture photos of Chesapeakes doing Chesapeake things! Staged photo shoots are discouraged.

Tips for calendar photographs--this is important!
We've been working with the calendar photographs and design for several years. There are always a portion of entries that must be rejected for the main image contest because of small file sizes. We thought we'd share some notes about taking and downloading. Check out this helpful link on the CBRR&R Website! Keep reading for more tips and tricks to get a successful photo entry. 

We need landscape/horizontal photos. Vertical photos just don't work. If you need a visual on what we mean, click here to check out this great tutorial. 

For reproduction purposes, submitted photographs need to be BIG! Yes, really big, high resolution, high quality photos. In technical terms, that means 300 dpi and at least 12 inches wide if you went to print it out on a traditional printer. Photos that are too small will look pixelated, grainy, and blurry when they are blown up. To make sure we have the highest quality calendar possible, we don't want to do that! 

And...don't crop your photos! We can tell (yep, we can!). Cropping out people or copyright watermarks (boo!) or trying to crop to change the shape of the photo only deteriorates the quality of the original file. If your photo is otherwise award winning and happens to have a human toe in the corner that we didn't notice when we approved it, WE can take care of that on our end if your photo makes the cut. 

If your photo is small or a vertical image, consider submitting it to the "reserve a date" section instead of the calendar contest.

If you're interested in learning more, check out this article. For example, in most cases, your file size will be over 1MB which means in probably has enough "data" to be a high resolution photo. Horizontal images are required, as the calendar has a horizontal format. 

Most digital cameras, and phones, will produce acceptable files, just so long as the download is made at the largest possible size. Before taking the photographs, if the camera has a setting for file size, make it as large as possible. We know it's not always easy to get the photos off your phone in the largest file type possible. We have found that if you can email the photo file to yourself, you will be able to select the file size that you are downloading from the phone and sending. Always choose "actual size" for the attachment. 

And, if you are using your phone, hold it horizontally…or "landscape!" That will create a horizontal photo that will have a more likely chance of making the contest.

There  is a bit of a process to set up an online account for this site even to submit a photo. While no payment is required for submission, there is a sign up process. Please be sure to complete the entire process so your photo is submitted. We find "half submitted" photos in the system and can't do much to help.

And finally, please check your email. We find that quite often that when we reach out from our volunteer email addresses we never hear back. You will get an email telling you that your photo has been approved for the contest (and also if it has been rejected). Once your photo is approved, please GO VOTE! Share the photo to get your friends to vote. 

We're looking forward to seeing your dogs!


2024 Calendar committee

The top vote winner:
  • Will have their Photo used on the month of their choice in the 2024 CBRR&R Calendar as a full-page image and will receive one (1) copy of the 2024 calendar. Approximate retail value: $25.00 each.

The next 11 vote winners:
  • Will be used as a full-page image on one month of the 2024 calendar.

We will be using the traditional Sunday to Saturday format for this year's calendar. Calendars will be shipped in December in time for holiday gifts.

Reserve a Space in the Calendar to Honor Your Pet!
Honor a pet's memory or other hallmark when you reserve a calendar day for their photo. Just choose your favorite photo, choose a day, and donate! First come, first served. Each day requires a $10 donation.

Reserve Your Day Here »

Want to Pre-order Your Calendar?
Please consider pre-ordering a calendar. During the pre-order time frame, calendars are just $30 each (including shipping). Once we close the pre-orders, the price increases to $35 each (including shipping). For large calendar orders, please contact development@cbrrescue.org for ordering instructions. Calendar pick up is available in the "greater Chicagoland area."

Calendar Pre-Order »
  • Photos of Chesapeakes doing "Chesapeake things" are encouraged! Action shots, funny shots, even cute puppy shots! Keep in mind that all photos must be high resolution and your own work! Staged photo shoots are discouraged. No humans, please! ALL Photos with humans will be rejected.
  • Cropped and edited photos will be rejected. Only submit unedited, uncropped files.
  • All entries must be the original work of the entrant. If a professional photographer took your photo, you must own the copyright to the photograph or have written permission to use it from the photographer before submitting the photo. If you don't own the copyright, please email permission to development@cbrrescue.org before submitting the photo to the contest.
  • Professional photos with watermarks will not be accepted. A photographer credit will be made on the calendar page but not on the photo itself. All professional photos must be submitted without watermarks.
  • Each photo submission entry will be approved for content, quality and pixels. Please be sure to read the submission guidelines. There is no charge to upload a photo, but it will be approved before it appears on the website!
  • Photos must be high resolution (to work for the calendar). That means REALLY BIG files! A minimum of 300 dpi is the tech info. Check out this article for help on what the means.
  • Horizontal (landscape) photos are recommended. Vertical photos just don't work. If you need a visual on what we mean, click here to check out this great tutorial
  • All photos will be reviewed for proper format before being posted for a vote. If you're using a cell phone, set your camera for the highest resolution photos possible and hold it horizontally!
  • Up to two entries per dog is encouraged and honorary Chesapeakes are welcome too. Dogs do not have to be rescues to enter.
  • Each vote is a tax-deductible donation of $2 to CBRR&R.
  • Poor quality photos will be rejected. We're sorry, but we have hundreds and hundreds of photos. We'll try to reach out and let you know why your photo was rejected, but please be sure to check your email to see the rejection emails from our volunteers. You'll have an opportunity to correct the photo, but no refunds on votes will not be given if you submit votes to a photo which can't be replaced. If we can’t reach you, your photo may be moved to an available “reserve a day” slot somewhere in the calendar.
  • Yes, you can submit a photo with multiple dogs but they will not reproduce as well. We suggest no more than two dogs per photo, with the dogs placed close together.
  • The top photos with the most votes will be featured/printed as full page images in the 2024 CBRR&R Calendar. The cover photos and insert photos are chosen at the discretion of the editors.
  • "Reserve a date" photos are available for $10 per date. First come, first served. And, no humans, please!
  • Submitted photos may be shared on the CBRR&R page on Facebook and the website.
  • Submissions are accepted by the editors and while a particular photo might win a "month" shot, if the photos does not meet production criteria, the editors reserve the right to move the photo to another location.
  • CBRR&R reserves the right to modify or clarify any of the contest rules during the term of the contest without advance notice.
  • Entries will be taken until 11:59:59 PM (Central Time) on Tuesday, August 15, 2023
  • Voting will BEGIN at 6:00:00 PM (Central Time) on Tuesday, August 15, 2023.
  • Voting will CLOSE at 6:00:00 PM (Central Time) on Sunday, October 29, 2023.
  • Calendar orders will close on November 1, 2023 on this site. Additional orders can be placed via PayPal on the cbrrescue.org page.
  • No refunds will be issued including for votes or reserved dates that do not meet the standards. Votes may be transferred to other approved photos. Every effort will be made to correct photos.

Thanks for helping us raise

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