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About Us

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief & Rescue organization was created to educate the public about Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and dogs in general as well as to find homes for needy Chesapeakes.

Our mission is to do whatever we can to help Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and support their owners when they face challenges. Sometimes all that is needed it some support from a knowledgeable Chesapeake owner to help a dog stay in their home. CBRR&R also rescues CBRs who are found in shelters or in other difficult situations. Often dogs who come into our care have extensive medical needs and require funding to get them healthy and ready for their adoptive homes. Others stay in rescue for the remainder of their lives if they are not able to be adopted out for medical or other issues. 

CBRR&R, like other non-profit organizations, operates from funds donated by folks willing to support the efforts of rescuers across the country. The organization is 100% volunteer led and run. We offer several fundraisers and events through the year. Visit our website at for more information. 

Every year CBRR&R helps hundreds of Chessies in need. However, sometimes, there are dogs that need a little extra help. These Chessies might suffer from injuries or chronic illnesses, while others have been badly abused or neglected. As a result, they need special medical treatment, behavioral training and nurturing before they can find their own 'forever' homes.

The calendar voting booth is CBRR&R's largest fundraiser. All proceeds raised through this fundraiser go towards helping unwanted, neglected and abused Chesapeake Bay Retrievers throughout North America.

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