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Fort Lauderdale

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My Pet's Story
Life Motto: “Be kind, create your own happy, and embrace every moment as a new opportunity and adventure.”

Breed: Beagle-Pomeranian
Nickname: Baby Bentley, Sweetheart, Littleman
Ideal career path: Therapy Dog, Joint venture with Bear Grylls, 1st mate on a yacht

Loves: Outside adventures, cuddles, my little brother Aspen, meat, and canned tuna

Dislikes: Live music, fireworks, the garbage truck, being alone, and being away from my mom

Fun facts:
-I can jump over 4ft fences and gates, and catch anything from far away.
-I was off-leash trained from a young age. I pick up on language and commands extremely fast.
-I love being around and playing with other dogs, children, and adults
-I like to dance with my mom when she turns on music
-When Aspen acts up, I put my paw on his and hold it on the ground to get him to settle down

Funny stories:
-I have played tag with deer- since they can easily navigate through branches and trees, they will stop and tease me while they wait for me to catch up.

-I taught myself to jump on the pool table and claimed it as my man cave. Mom didn’t appreciate that very much, so I claimed her bed instead.

-I successfully dragged a 7ft palm front and pulled it through the doggie door, when I was a small puppy. I’m not sure what mom was more freaked out about- the fact that I managed to do that or that everyone on her work call witnessed it.

Note from Mom: Bentley is truly special and has a big love for life- everything and everyone in it. He is my true adventure buddy. From paddle boarding, training for an Ironman (yes, he runs miles and swims), trails/ hiking, boating - he lives every day to the fullest.

Outside of being happy and athletic, he is extremely emotionally intelligent and loving. Bentley has been with me through a few different moves and some difficult times. He is one of the reasons why I was able to not just overcome it, but he taught me to experience the best parts of living.

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