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Do Something Really Silly
Do Something Really Silly
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Who wants to see us do something really silly?

Each vote will entitle the participant to choose one staff member paired with activity of their choosing. The person and activity receiving the most votes will complete the activity, to be filmed and posted on our website and social media! FUN!

The Activities:

  1. Staff member gets a cherry pie thrown into their face.

  2. Staff member gets a water cooler filled with ice cold water dumped on them.

  3. Staff member is covered and wrapped in duct tape to create a duct tape "mummy".

  4. Staff member must dress up in a silly costume.

  5. Staff member is pranked / jumped scared.

About Us
Staff and volunteers host events and programs across San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Dallas. Sharing hope, education and planning for incarcerated men, women and persons in recovery from substance abuse.

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Pie in the Face - Victoria W.
167 Votes
Ice Cold Water - Andrew M.
156 Votes
Duct Tape Mummy - Kayla M.
141 Votes
Pie in the Face - Spencer L.
130 Votes
Pie in the Face - Stephanie S.
105 Votes
Jumped Scared - Linday Hatfield
98 Votes
Pie in the Face - Andrew M.
5 Votes
Ice Cold Water - Tiffany M.
5 Votes
Pie in the Face - Kayla M.
0 Votes
Pie in the Face - Sable S.
0 Votes
Pie in the Face - Randi W.
0 Votes
Pie in the Face - Erika V.
0 Votes
Pie in the Face - Lacey S.
0 Votes
Pie in the Face - Tiffany M.
0 Votes

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