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Welcome to HELP of Beaufort's first annual nationwide Pet Photo Contest! Our first theme will be ‘Raise the Woof' to help support our new build for the community! Show your support for HELP of Beaufort by participating in this special fundraiser. All donations will support the communities' new build so we may be able to offer more programs to our clients as well as maintaining our current ones. We will feature a 2200 square foot year-round produce garden, a bigger self-serve free pantry and clothing area, private office to interview our clients, a generator to provide emergency services during weather events and much more!

Supporters are encouraged to enter the contest & fundraise for HELP of Beaufort. The winning contestants prizes are listed below.

Voters for your favorite pet will help them win a page in the calendar! $1=1 vote. Be sure to utilize your "vote bank" which will allow you to easily distribute votes to contestants as you browse the contest.

How do the categories/leaderboard work and what do I win?
  • Grand Prize Winner - The pet who receives the most overall votes, regardless of category, will be featured on the 2023 calendar cover and be the featured pet in the month of their choosing.

    In addition, they will receive a $1,000 Chewy Gift Card, an artist rendering of their pet and 2 copies of the calendar.

  • Category Winners - The ranking for this prize level is determined by a pet's PER CATEGORY ranking, not contest overall ranking.

    The pets with the most votes (excluding the Grand Prize Winner) in the categories of "Top Dog", "Top Cat" and "Top Other" will receive a $250 Chewy Gift Card, be a 2023 calendar month's featured pet, an artist rendering of their pet and receive 2 copies of the calendar.

  • Featured Pet Winners - The top 8 pets who receive the most overall votes (excluding the grand prize winner and the 3 category winners) will receive a $50 Chewy Gift Card and be featured as a 2023 calendar month's featured pet and receive 2 copies of the calendar.

  • Photo Collage - All pet contestants are winners! They will have their picture in the collage page featured in the 2023 calendar! Calendars will be available in October, 2022.

  • All above winners, if not local, will have their prizes mailed to them.

Participant Guidelines:
All pets nationwide are encouraged to enter for FREE as we have arranged prizes to be won throughout the country. In order to enter your pet, you must include:

  • Your Pet's Name
  • Your First & Last Name
  • Your City & State
  • Your Contact Information
  • A paragraph (limited to 125 words) which tells voters something fun or interesting about your pet. Remember that if your pet wins, this will be shared in our calendar, so be sure to make it engaging!
All contestants must submit their photo to the GoGo Photo Contest website. We cannot accept applications or photos in person at this time. Contestants can enter through 9:00:00 PM (Eastern Time) on Friday, June 10, 2022, however the best chance of winning is registering early!

There is no entry fee for participants. Each $1 donation will count as one vote to the selected contestant. Donors must donate a minimum of $5 (or five votes). A large amount of votes can be stored in the donor's "vote bank" which can be distributed at a later time and to multiple contestants before the contest ends. There is no deadline to enter, however the earlier you enter, the better your chances to win!

HELP of Beaufort is a 501c3 organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Tax information will be sent through GoGo Photo Contest after the donation has been made. All donations are final and non-refundable.

Eligible Photographs:
  • Acceptable picture formats are .jpg, .png, and .gif.
  • Pictures should ONLY feature the pet being entered into the contest. Do not share a picture that has multiple animals or people.
  • Photographs must either feature pets owned by the entrant, or the entrant must have permission from the pet's owner to submit their photo.
  • Pictures must be in color.
  • The pet featured in the picture may not be edited, altered other than minor color, contrast, or sharpness adjustments.
  • Pictures may not be copyrighted.
  • Any image that includes content that is deemed inappropriate, indecent, or obscene as determined by HELP of Beaufort may be removed from the contest.
  • You can enter as many photos as you want!

Public Voting
Winners will be determined by the number of votes received per contestant. Once a photo is submitted, it will appear in the online gallery & will be open to voting to the general public. The voting period will end at 9:00:00 PM (Eastern Time) on Friday, June 10, 2022. Votes must be registered by the online system before the deadline ends to be counted for the contest. If you are submitting votes close to the deadline, please keep in mind that processing time is necessary to register votes. We recommend using your vote bank to ensure that credit card processing has happened before. It is best not to wait until the last 3090 minutes of the contest to submit a large number of votes.

To vote, go to the contestant page you wish to support & donate a minimum of $5 for 5 votes. When voters donate, they will be given the option to apply all their votes to one contestant, spread their votes over various contestants, or store votes in a "vote bank" to be used at a later time. All votes are donations to HELP of Beaufort and are fully tax-deductible as permitted by law. All votes for photo submissions will be tabulated & displayed online.

Tips to Help You Become a Winner:
The competition can get strong and to help you have the best chance of winning, we've gathered a few hints and tips:

  • Use the social media links within the contest to promote your pet to your friends & family and encourage them to share on their pages as well! Remember the more people who know about your entry, the more likely you are to win!
  • Have a garage sale and put the funds towards your pet!
  • Get cash sponsorships! You can collect cash donations for your pet from friends, family and acquaintances, then simply apply the amounts yourself using your own login information & credit card. This is one of the easiest ways to get support, because you are collecting the funds directly and your supporters do not have to create their own account. Most people are happy to support HELP of Beaufort and you can collect any amount from $1-$1,000!
  • Consider a campaign party to raise money for your pet.
  • And finally, the most important thing you can do to increase donations to your entry is to remind people that every vote is a donation to HELP of Beaufort! We do not receive government funding and rely on fundraising and community support for success of our programs, as well as our build. Thank you in advance for your support-we couldn't do it without you!

Notification of Winners:
The winning participants will be contacted from HELP of Beaufort and given instructions on receiving their prizes.

For any questions about our 1st annual Pet Photo Contest Calendar Contest, please contact Lori Opozda at or by phone at 843-524-1223.
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