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Mikey Edelson

Mikey Edelson

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New York, NY, United States

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Posh Pets

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Once you look beyond that scary bear suit, you'll see there is a fuzzy little dog inside. That's Mikey, being the nosy little Yorkie/Havanese/whatever your best guess is that day (depending on how I trim his hair).

About six years ago I while I was photographing an adoption event here in New York, I decided to try fostering. That's when Bodhi, the beautiful black pit bull mix came home with me. Then there was Strawberry, Brownie, and Charlie. And landlord called. There had been anonymous complaints and I couldn't have those "types of dogs" anymore. Each of these angels were quiet and friendly and I took the stairs instead of the elevator, but alas...
my building was officially "no dogs", so I had no recourse.

I called Posh Pets because I knew they had a lot of smaller dogs. I asked them to set me up with a small dog that my neighbors wouldn't worry about. (There were/are other dogs in the building so I wasn't worried I'd have to send the little one back).

The next day I got Mikey! Mikey has been an adventure ever since. I had him for over six months and no takers, he didn't do so great on meet and greets. I will admit I was secretly happy each time because I was in love with this antisocial little partially bald eats all the cat food don't you dare touch me while i'm sleeping little human/dog.

We'd later have some struggles. Mikey has Atypical Cushings Disease, suffered through Pancreatitis, and now has Diabetes. He gets injections every day and has become pretty grouchy about it, so he gets extra spoiled. He's managed to "train" me to hand feed him while he lounges on his pillow. He has a variety of outfits so he doesn't get cold from his hair loss due to the Cushings (hence my favorite, the bear suit). My vet jokes that they are going to build a wing onto the building from all of our visits. We laugh as a single tear drop rolls down my cheek. Then I take all the free pens.

I'm so thankful Mikey and I ended up together. There's nothing I wouldn't do to keep him healthy and happy. In fact I'll have to end this here as he's waiting on his "dinner pillow", so I'd better get my apron on.

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