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Sarah Trimm

Sarah Trimm

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Sarah Trimm

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Sarah has been passionate about adopting dogs for many years, but it wasn't until she got her first rescue, Zoar, in 2018 that her commitment to helping them became stronger. He wasn't taken care of at his previous home, and he was two days away from euthanasia from the dog warden when she found out about him. He needed lots of TLC and even eye surgery to get him back to health, but it was all worth it to safe an 8 month mastiff mix. Dogs weren't allowed at the apartment, so it was either the house or the dog. So Sarah bought Zoar a house.
Six months later, she decided to "foster" a mangey mutt at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter whom she named Teddy Roosevelt after the Ruff Riders, because he was looking pretty rough. It was January of 2019 and he was found in the city, hairless, and in bad shape. It wasn't long until he opened up, learned how to do stairs and play with toys, and became a "foster fail." He was also adopted and became apart of the family.
Her boyfriend's dog Ally was a long time resident at the Niagara County SPCA before he adopted her. She passed in December, so this is a special cause to benefit the shelter and everything they did for her while she was there.
Before quarantine, she would go to the animal shelter and SPCA a few times a week to look for her next rescue. The animal shelter starting recognizing her and would give her treats to give to everybody. She wanted to start volunteering there, and then Covid happened.
Since quarantine, she made it her mission to foster as many dogs as she can before she has to go back to work. It was hard at first to not keep them all, but seeing how happy people are when a dog becomes apart of their family makes it so worth it. Teddy loves them all and is a huge part in helping.
Fostering saves lives from shelters down south, and even locally, who do not have the necessary space and funding for all the dogs they receive. Sarah loves seeing a dog come out of their shell and learn that they are safe, and how to even be a dog. Her goal is to foster 10 dogs before they add a new addition to their family, and I know she will continue to advocate for adopting rather than shopping for the rest of her life!

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