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Ginny Aldrow

Ginny Aldrow

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Ginny Aldrow

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Solstice was left in a crate on the side of the road with food dumped all over her and no water in sight. She was thankfully discovered and brought to Niagara County SPCA where staff and volunteers showed her love and compassion. Solstice was the sweetest dog. Why would anyone do this to her? Solstice was in the SPCA's care for quite a long time. Fortunately for her, it was worth the wait. A little girl named Ginny spotted Solstice at the SPCA, but it wasn't the right time for her family. Ginny's parents promised her that if Solstice was still there when they were able that they would adopt her. A few months later to the family's surprise, a friend showed them a flyer of Solstice on the Just Pizza box. Ginny was in tears! She had to rescue Solstice. Keeping their promise to Ginny, the Aldrow family headed to the SPCA to take Solstice home. Solstice and Ginny are the best of friends and Ginny's mom says it's like Solstice has lived in their home her whole life. Solstice's story didn't start off good...but because of Ginny's good heart and persistence, Solstice finally found the happiness and love that she deserves. That's why Ginny should be named "Shelter Animal Advocate of the Year!"

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