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Coloring for the Dogs

The Project:
Coloring for the Dogs is a fundraising project to install garage-style overhead doors to protect the shelter dogs' outer kennel areas from the weather. Each kennel has an indoor section and an "outdoor" section, which is roofed. The doors will replace the old, damaged winterizing plastic that is currently in use for these roofed "outdoor" areas. The doors will be more durable, better sealed, and easier to maintain in the long run than the plastic. This will allow us to regain the use of these areas in the winter as well as the hottest days of summer.

First Goal: $3,000

Meeting this goal means we can complete the most time-sensitive part of the project: Canine Intake. The winterizing plastic in this area has deteriorated to the point that we always keep the dogs in when it's cold or windy, because the plastic no longer keeps the weather out. If we raise $3,000 we can make sure that Canine Intake is warm and secure all year long.

Stretch Goal: $8,000

Meeting this goal would mean that we can complete the entire project before Winter 2019: Canine Intake and Canine Adoption. The adoption area is less urgent, but still can't be used fully in frigid temperatures. If we raise $8,000 we can complete the entire project before winter. Then all the dogs at the shelter will be able to choose whether to be "inside" or "outside" all year long.

Shelter dogs have few choices available to them, but one choice you can help us make sure they have is whether to be "outside" or "inside" without being exposed to the weather. They'll have more space, and they'll feel less stressed during their stay. Participating in this photo contest, buying the coloring book, and donating toward Coloring for the Dogs will help us make this tangible improvement for the shelter dogs!

The Coloring for the Dogs coloring book will be available for sale starting mid-late Summer 2019. It will be offered in a downloadable format as the whole book or by the page. We will also offer special print editions on a pre-order basis.

Featured Artists →

  • Top 3 vote getters in each category win a full page in the coloring book and a free download of their coloring page.
  • Top vote getter in each category wins a free download of the entire coloring book.

The Contest Categories:
Grumpy Faces:
Does your pet have an adorable "Grumpy Face?" Did you catch it on camera? This category is just for you!

Smiley Faces:
Who says non-humans can't smile? Everybody can smile! Get your pet to say "cheese!" and enter the results in this category.

Costume Party:
Did you dress up your pet? Not afraid to admit it? We want to see!

Group Photo:
Do you have a dynamic duo? A triple threat? Multiple pets in one photo can go in this category.

Fuzzy Isn't the Only Kind of Cute:
Not all companion animals are furry! Show us your scaly, slimy, or feathered friends.

Pet Shaming:
Who was naughty? Was it your pet? Pose them with a sign saying what they did (keep it family-friendly, please!), and snap a photo for this category!

Yep, we made this one up! What if you have a picture of your pet being awesome, cute, or beautiful - but the background just isn't great? Winners in this category get to have the background whisked away like it never existed, and beautiful patterns will provide the backdrop for your pet's coloring page!

My Pet is Just the Best!
Don't see another category that fits? Is your picture too serious for our silly categories? We've got you covered with this category.

Thanks for helping us raise

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