Our Story
GoGo Photo Contest is the only donate-to-vote fundraising platform that's supported by a team that has more than 13 years of online fundraising experience with a developer that has sat on the board of our local Humane Society.
GoGo Photo Contest's donate-to-vote feature is a key aspect in our mission to support the fundraising efforts of nonprofit organizations all around the world. ♥️
Our Team
Jason & Stevie Shea

GoGo Photo Contest was founded in 2013 by Jason and Stevie Shea with a goal to simplify online donate-to-vote fundraising. Since then, GoGo Photo Contest has become the number one donate-to-vote platform, raising over $43 million dollars for thousands of organizations and nonprofits all around the world.

Married since 2002 and dog lovers at heart (with a soft spot for frosty face seniors), we share in the same goal of every organization that uses our platform: To make life better for the communities we live in.
GoGo Photo Contest: Behind the Name
Nina "Bobo" Shea joined Jason and Stevie's household in 2002 after spending the first year of her life housed in a concrete kennel within a puppymill. At first anxious and scared, she quickly grew into a happy and vibrant little dog that was full of life- and mischief!

A common phrase heard around Jason and Stevie's house was "GoGo, Bobo" (stubborn to the core, Nina had a habit of wandering) and so when it came time to name our company, GoGo was the obvious choice.

Not only is Nina our company's namesake, but she's the reason behind our passion for animal welfare and we're proud to continue our work in her honor.
How It All Began...
In 2005, a local humane society approached Jason about taking their annual photo contest online. The twist was that their photo contest had a donate-to-vote concept, meaning that every vote on an entry cost $1. The photo contest was a huge fundraiser for them, but unwieldy to manage. Participants had to come into the shelter to make a donation or take the time to send their donation through the mail. Someone at the shelter had to keep all of the entries and votes in order. There wasn't an easy way for the public to tell who was in the lead.

Bringing the photo contest online made it accessible to everyone within the community and much easier for the humane society to manage. Their online photo contest was a huge success and the idea behind GoGo Photo Contest was born.

We've come a long way since 2005. Our goal has always been to make fundraising simple and easy. We've done this by adding intuitive contest management tools, a variety of customizations, mobile friendly designs and social networking tools.

Jason, our lead developer, was on the board of directors at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society for seven years and a volunteer for twenty years. We recognize the unique challenges that animal welfare organizations face when fundraising.
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