Getting Started
There are FOUR EASY STEPS to getting started:

STEP #1:Sign Up
Complete the sign up form here:
STEP #2:Contest Items
You will receive a questionnaire that guides you through creating your photo contest. Items include:
  • Your contest's rules
  • Your prize package
  • Your organization's logo
  • A banner for your photo contest site (This is something we can design for you, free of charge)
What information is needed to set up my contest?
Do you have any suggested settings or templates that I can use?
What are appropriate prizes for winners?
STEP #3:Return Your Contest Items
Once you return your contest items back to us, we'll create your contest site and have it ready for your review-- usually within 24-48 hours. You can request any edits or changes at this time.
STEP #4:Setup and Connect Your Stripe Account
You'll go through the quick and easy process of setting up a secure merchant account with Stripe

All of your contest donations are deposited directly into your bank account (minus our fees).

How are donations processed?
When will I receive the funds that my contest has raised?
And Go!!
Your photo contest begins! Share your contest with your followers on your website, social media, via email, and at any events you may have.

Participants submit their photos to your online photo contest site and can share their entries using the tools right on their entry page, encouraging their friends and family to donate-to-vote.

How to Promote Your GoGo Photo Contest
Unmatched Support
We're here to make sure that your questions get answered and that you get the help you need at any point during the process of running a photo contest.

You'll be getting support directly from one of the GoGo Photo Contest partners in Littleton, CO-- the same team that created the GoGo Photo Contest Platform, so we know it inside and out. Learn more about our team here.

We also offer a robust support site for those who prefer to manage their contests on their own:
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