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*GoGo Photo Contest provides the platform for running a donate-to-vote fundraiser, but we do not provide any design, printing, or other prize fulfillment services

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GoGo Photo Contest is the perfect online platform for running a calendar contest, but we do not offer a calendar design or printing service. If you do not have a printer in mind, we recommend working with our friends at GBC Fundraising Calendars for your calendar design and printing.
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Duplicating your previous contest is right for you if:
  1. Little has changed from your previous contest. Small changes would be new dates, a new banner (if desired), and maybe some small content edits.


  2. You're comfortable with using the GGPC Admin and want to handle editing/updating your contest pages yourself.
If you have a lot of changes, or are a new contest admin and are unfamiliar with our system, we recommend that you request the setup questionnaire.
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