How it Works
GoGo Photo Contest is an online platform that allows organizations and individuals to create and host custom donate-to-vote photo contests, where $1 = 1 vote.

Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and customizable with a range of features that help you to engage your supporters and raise funds for your cause while also making a positive impact for your community.

The Basics
Your Contest.
Your Branding.
Our team builds a customized photo contest website for your organization using the rules that you have provided to us, backed by our easy-to-use platform.
Upload entries
Your supporters and followers upload their photos to your photo contest site.

Your entry form can include a number of customizable fields, and entrants can also set their own personal fundraising goals.
$1 per vote
Entrants encourage their friends and family to donate $1 per vote on their entry, spreading the word about your mission while raising needed funds for your cause.
The leaderboard on your Homepage automatically updates to always show who is in the lead.
Crown the Winners!
At the end of your contest, the entries with the most votes (donations) win the contest and the prizes associated with the top spots!

Even better, when your contest is over you will have raised needed funds for your organization's cause and you will have a brand new outreach list for future fundraising efforts.
Additional Features
Entrants invite their friends and family to vote, using social media and email to spread the word about your contest and fundraising mission.
Messages of Encouragement
Voters can leave words of encouragement for their favorite entries after they donate.
Recent Donations
Recent donations show up on your contest's homepage, inspiring others to vote for their favorites!
Contest Promotions
Run optional promotions throughout your contest to keep participants engaged.
Calendar Contests
Reserve-a-Spot Module
Contest participants can reserve either calendar dates or grid spaces throughout your calendar.
Calendar Pre-Order Module
With our Calendar Pre-Order module, participants can order calendars in the entry process or on your contest site.
Next Steps

Customizable Features:
  • Contest banner and color scheme
  • Customizable content pages (rules, prizes, etc)
  • Entry and voting fees
  • Custom entry fields
  • Customized entrant and donor emails
  • Reserve-a-Spot and Calendar Pre-Sales
  • And more!
You can easily:
  • Manage the details of your contest
  • View your fundraising totals
  • Approve/Edit/Deny entries in your contest
  • View and export donor information
  • Track reserved dates and calendar purchases
  • Apply donations collected offline
  • Export participant data to third party systems

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