Not an Animal Welfare Group?
Not an Animal Rescue or Humane Society? GoGo Photo Contest is for YOU, too! Any group or non-profit organization interested in running a donate-to-vote photo contest can run a GoGo Photo Contest.

GoGo Photo Contest is a proven fundraising solution for organizations in a wide variety of sectors:

  1. Service organizations such as Kiwanis, Lions, and Rotary Clubs
  2. Wildlife and nature conservation
  3. Museums and arts councils
  4. Local chambers of commerce
  5. School sports teams, organizations, and clubs
  6. Corporate fundraising on behalf of a local charity
Pet Contests
Everyone loves to show off their beloved furry friend, and many organizations have found that celebrating pets boosts their fundraising dollars.

Below are a few examples of photo contests that are not run by animal welfare groups but still feature pets as the main theme:

Helpful Tip: Consider offering prizes that give the winners celebrity status. Read on for examples.

Other Contests
Not all contests we run feature pets. Wildlife, landscape, arts and crafts, and modeling contests are some examples of themes that have found fundraising success with GoGo Photo Contest.

Below are few of examples of contests where the theme is not pet-related:

Curious if we've ever worked with a group like yours?
Chances are that we have! Reach out to us and we'd be happy to let you know if we have any contest examples to share with you.



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