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Lucia is our senior dog, but watching her in action you'd never guess
she'll be15 in the spring. We adopted her, a 3-time loser, when she was
under a year old, after I saw her face on Petfinder. I sat on the floor
to meet her at a private rescue in Devore...she came out of her kennel
and walked over to me, put her paws on my shoulders, and licked my face
- who could resist such an introduction? She took to Tycho (waiting in
the car) immediately, and they set off on a merry chase through the
hilltop acres. The following day, I brought Doug along to meet her, and
after a woofy greeting, she decided he was okay too, and she went home
with us.

She's the most vocal and comical dog we've ever had, keeping us
exercised and entertained. Lucia's two dogs in one - we call her "the
shrub" after a good fur-growing season when you can't tell head from
tail, but so different when clipped - soft as velour and neat, unlike
her usual shaggy self. She performs dog opera, canine curses, and
scolding for major infractions such as toy-thievery and tardiness with
meals. She and Tycho (our great loss last summer) were a dynamic duo
for thirteen years, known as "stunt dogs" in Seal Beach for their
around-the-town agility games. Happily, Lucia has been remarkably
tolerant of the interloper Freddie since his adoption last October. We
have "group hug" every morning and enjoy long walks day and night,
afternoon playtime, toy hunts, and trips to the beach and mountains.
Even wearing a cone, she won't be left out a game, and chases the ball
with gusto.

Long may she wave, Lucia of Seal Beach!

P.S. - Even though we didn't find our dogs through ARF, we support their
vital mission of helping the homeless pets of Idyllwild, and hope you
will, too.

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