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Your Pet's Rescue Story
Callie was rescued at just 3 weeks old outside of an office building where a member of her furever family works. I decided we could not just leave her out to fend for herself since the mama cat was nowhere in sight. I knew I couldn't leave her out there but I wasn't sure we where really "cat people". I decided I at least had to keep her safe until we could find a safe place for her to live. She spent her first day with me, snuggling in a makeshift cat bed alternating between meeping (she's never quite gotten the hang of meowing) and purring like a little engine. When I brought her home, my husband and I talked about maybe just keeping her through the weekend to figure out what to do with her, but I'm pretty sure as soon as she fell asleep on his shoulder that first night our fate was sealed.

Her first visit to the veterinarian showed that she had no real health issues other than being a little underweight and a few fleas. The veterinarian actually had trouble hearing her lungs and her heart because of how loudly she purrs. Callie was too little for medicine so when we got home she got a gentle bath in down dish soap. She was a trooper through her bath but she definitely did not like it.

When we brought her home she could fit in one hand. Now, at 10 weeks old, it seems like she grows bigger, more playful and more snuggly everyday. Callie loves to figure things out around the house and sometimes lets her curiosity get her into trouble. Like when she tries to explore the dryer while we are trying to do laundry. She wasn't too happy when I pulled her out of the dryer, but she quickly found something else to explore. Callie's personal belief is that anything is a toy if you try hard enough.

We really can't imagine our lives now without Callie. Even though she may occasionally wake us up in the middle of the night by jumping on our heads or try to help with laundry by treating all socks as cat toys, we know she loves us just as much as we love her.

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