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You’ve been on my mind (Has estado en mi mente)

You’ve been on my mind (Has estado en mi mente)

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Lizzeth Nevarez

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Caregiver/Family Member

Artist Statement (include type of art, techniques & materials used, what it means to you)
This piece is acrylic on wood.
This piece represents our constant thoughts since our daughter’s diagnosis of Craniopharyngioma. Many times as parents of a child with a medical condition, we find ourselves overthinking and worrying. We are constantly managing stress around medical bills, eyesight, and ensuring she is living a happy life. Meanwhile, all our daughter wants to do is to play and dream of fun things.

In this piece she is at the center, because she IS the center of our world. Ines is an innocent being who dreams of having a penguin one day, hopes to see a unicorn, and add a cat to our family. I worry she will get bogged down by the countless new procedures and medications. My hope is that she continues to persevere and dream big.

The worries and feelings are represented in pictures and words.
Anger-one if the first feelings we had when we learned about her tumor. I wondered how this would ever happen, and why us.
Learning- We continue to worry about whether she is making sense of her situation. And that she is she is able to learn and grow her cognitive functions.
Miedo (fear)-We fear the trajectory this tumor will take and the continuous repercussions it will have on her body. There are still many unknowns.
Strong-Despite the adversity we want to raise a child who can be physically and emotionally strong for the path ahead. Sometimes I joke with her that I would like to put her in a bubble so that she doesn’t get hurt. Part of building her up involves that I let go a little.
Cultura (culture)-We are a Mexican family and she is being raised bilingual. Her heritage is an important part of her identity and I hope she can ground herself in her history and ancestral strength.
Amor (love)-Every single day I feel such immense love for her and feel so lucky to be her mom.
Healthy eating-As her health changes we constantly monitor what she eats, that she is growing normally, and learns to manage a healthy diet.
Amigos-We want her to have strong friendships and a support network as she continues in her path. Play is important for her social and emotional development. Sometimes headaches or pain have gotten in the way of this.

Bio (include your age, tumor type and date of diagnosis)
My name is Lizzeth Nevarez, I’m 35. I’m the proud mother of Ines Zamora, a 7 year old leader with a heart of gold. On November 6, 2018 she was diagnosed with a Craniopharyngioma tumor that blocked her 3rd ventricle and affected her optic nerves . She was only 3 when she went into surgery the next day and our life changed.

I work in education, as a consultant for a preschool program. I have a passion for working with children and providing a strong foundation for them. In my spare time I do art, crafts, sewing, bike riding, and hiking. Ines is starting to join me in these hobbies.

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