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Micaela Trinidad Nona Thurston Saucedo, "Mica" for short

Micaela Trinidad Nona Thurston Saucedo,  "Mica" for short

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Micaela Trinidad Nona Thurston Saucedo, "Mica" for short, was an accident!

This little beauty was born on September 23, 2016 in Vernon, BC, into a litter of 8 black and white pups. She is the daughter of two show dogs that covertly slipped away one evening, ‘bonding’ under the not so watchful eye of a dog-sitter. The dogs' owner returned from a two-week hospital ‘staycation’ to an unexpected pregnant pooch. The father, unknown until the birth, turned out to be Elgin, a multiple award winning, orange belton English Setter. The mother was a beautiful black and white, field, English Springer Spaniel.

We first saw the add online for this interesting cross-breed while searching for an English Springer Spaniel pup. Our son really wanted a hunting dog. Being the first people to call the seller we literally had the pick of the litter. From photos, Mica stood out immediately. At just 6 weeks she had the ‘pointing stance’ of a true bird dog, the sign that the blood from her bird-hunting ancestors was running strong through her veins! Her facial markings also set her apart as well as that spark of intelligence that can be seen in the eyes of certain special creatures!

At 8 weeks, Mica made the trip from Vernon to Port Moody in a van full of show dogs bound for glory. The moment she was pulled from her kennel in the van, covered in dog doo doo, we knew we had made the right choice. Wrapped in a towel in my boy’s arms, she lifted her little head and kissed his face. For the past 16 months she has continued to be extra generous with those same kisses, throwing in the occasional morning ear nibble for good measure.

In the first few months Mica grew, and her markings became more pronounced. She is quite unique in that she is truly a product of both her parents. Like the Man/Woman from the old carnival freak shows, Mica has two distinct looks to her as well. She is a slender yet beautiful black and white pooch, but on her right side she is all English Springer Spaniel. She has the large black patches on her body with the pure black patch on her ear, eye and half the head typical to the breed. On her left side however, she is all English Setter. She is all white but with her father’s belton coloring. Small dots of black fur mixed in the mostly white fur gives a grey dotted appearance. Her eye has a smaller patch typical of the setter breed and is the grey mix of black and white, matching the ear on that side while her snout has black freckles.

Her fur is another anomaly and at times seems to have a life all its own. The fur all over her body has different textures for the different colours. It seems to be growing at different lengths in different areas, with some fur growing forwards, some backwards, some straight and some crimped, with a few duck curls thrown in for good measure. Her fur has much more in common with Disney's 'Tramp' than with "Lady". And don't even mention the crazy scientist doo that sits atop her little head. The fur there is so fine and soft that it often sticks straight up almost two inches! It looks like she is either channeling her inner Einstein or has just returned from a visit to the static electricity ball exhibit at Science world!

We have all gone through the cute puppy stage where everyone comments on ‘what an adorable little dog’ you have while walking the trails. Generally that ‘cuteness’ disappears at about 6-moths when the dog starts to mature. Mica however is so interesting in her colouring that it is common even to date that we will receive multiple comments daily on her unique beauty and calm demeanor. She is slender like a Setter but similar in height to a Spaniel. Mica is about 39-lbs, which allows her to just slide under the 40-lb limit for lap-dogs! She likes to sit on your lap, be it while you are sitting on the couch or in a vehicle. She thinks she is much smaller than she is!

While Mica may be a looker she doesn’t act the part! She is all-wild and loves to hike and hunt. She gets one or two multi-hour hikes per day. We are lucky enough to live adjacent to trail systems that run all through the local mountains but see very little traffic.

Mica has never had a collar. She has lived relatively free of the typical ‘bonds’ of man. Of course we have a body harness when we are on crowded streets, but for the majority of her short life she has been lucky enough to run wild, or as wild as a dog can be, living in a city!

Our lives have truly been enriched by the presence of this beautiful young girl. She is a constant companion around us all day, always ready to give love or accept love. She is gentle, smart, beautiful and full of life and curiosity. Although I had a cat for the first 24 years of my life…there is nothing like a good dog!


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