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As a cat cohabitator person for all my life Ty gets the blue ribbon for BEST CAT. His personality and good humour are outstanding. I have had him for almost 8 years and he has never been anything but fabulous. I spent several years fostering cats and kittens for my local SPCA and Ty was the greeting committee, welcoming every feline as his new best friend. He adopted all the kittens as his charges, bathing, cuddling and playing with them (I have pictures!) helping out the mom cats and giving "cat lessons" to their babies as well as the orphans. He was instrumental in teaching them good manners and cheerfulness. The stressed and anxious cats relaxed quickly under his guidance. I adopted him his own brother/pal, another neutered male cat that came from difficult circumstances and Ty has been such a confidence booster, the new guy was able to gain his confidence and become the best he can. They love to cuddle up warmly together, watch out the window side-by-side and in the morning they precede me down the hall side-by-side and the newer cat often has his tail over Ty's back like an arm. (He adores his big "brother".)
Ty also makes an excellent alarm clock, when he wants me to get up he sits on the edge of the bed and stares at me REAL LOUD till he wakes me up. If that doesn't work he will be naughty and steal kleenex and gerbil it to bits. He loves to cuddle up on my lap the instant I sit on the couch and I swear he always has a smile on his face. When he is really proud of himself by catching a toy he almost smirks. Because of his beautiful, longish hair he requires regular combing which he does not particularly enjoy, but he loves being vacuumed amazingly! They are both happy to be totally indoor cats, have regular cat-races and mock fights and watch the birds and squirrels (safely for all) through the glass.
Ty truly is a joy to have in my home and I really don't mind being his slaveperson.


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