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Your Pet's Rescue Story
One day, I was over having dinner at my grandma's and as she was in the kitchen cooking she noticed that "the little white dog across the street had gotten out." The neighbors had an electric fence and the battery in Charlie's collar must have died and allowed him out of the yard. She then asked me to go out and see if he would come to me so I could bring him back to his owners.

I set off down the drive way trying to follow the little Maltese when he turned down a small unpaved alley. I was positive he was going to get away from me but as I rounded the corner there he stood half way down the alley facing me.

I gingerly crouched down and extended my hand hoping he was friendly enough and wouldn't bolt away from me. HE DIDN'T. He wasn't thrilled by my presence and wasnt moving towards me but he wasnt running away either. After, what must have been the slowest forward shuffle in all of history, I was close enough to reach out and touch him. Which is EXACTLY what I did. He closed his eyes to my touch and I seized the opportunity to grab him before he could escape. He wiggled and squirmed not liking being held but after a minute he settled and leaned into me. It was in our walk back to his house I realized most of his teeth were rotted, his hair was completely matted, he was no longer white but tan with dirt, and he had fleas.

I couldn't bring him back to his owners they obviously didn't care. So I sat in my grandmother's driveway contemplating what to do and how NOT to return this tiny dog to his neglectful house. I had a plate of steamed sweet potatoes brought out and mashed them for him so he could eat (and EAT he did-we later found out he was only fed hard food which would have been painful with his teeth). My grandmother encouraged me to take him back to his house but I just couldn't do it and admittedly, I did BREIFLY consider just taking him.

It was getting later and later and I still had no solution. To top things off I had to get home myself. Luckily, the owner came home just as I was getting up to get Charlie water. He was furious that the dog had gotten out and commented "I dont even want the dog." So I quickly retorted, "I will gladly take him if you dont want him." He replied, "Little girl, he's yours. He doesn't listen though."

In true Charlie fashion, he came when called to my side, followed me to the car, and jumped into the car on command.

It took me 2 hours to trim the mats of his neck that night and about 15 types of wet food to find one he liked but he's safe, happy, and most importantly loved.

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