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Athena, my female cat, is absolutely the best thing that ever happened to me. A cat with the sweetest, warmest, most beautiful disposition you could ever imagine in a cat. It began several years ago when I was at a Save A Lot store far away from my house where a man was giving away a tiny baby kitten. Everybody else declined to take her but me, with great pleasure I went up to the man and said I would take the kitten. He told me the kitten was a boy and his name was Bobby. So I took the kitten and struggled with it tight in my arms out of the store, on a long, exhausting, hot and sweaty walk headed home, with the kitten crying and fighting to escape the entire way. Fighting, crying, climbing over my back desperately trying to escape, I held it as tight as I could turning from a walk into a run, running as fast as I could, knowing that I could not turn it loose. I was scared, burning up with sweat, running and not giving up. The kitten was frightened, not knowing who I was or what was going on. This was a journey I had to complete.A journey to what would be the kitten s home forever. I finally made it to my front yard,successfully with lythe kitten. I was exhausted,hot and burning with sweat, then took one of my arms and banged hard on the door. My mom opened the door and to her shock was a baby kitten in my arms.I yelled "this us only temporary" which was of course not true.I said whatever it took to get the kitten in the house to safety. I ran inside the house to my bedroom and turned the kitten loose. I shut the door and ran to get it food and water, then brought it back to my room and set it down for the kitten.The kitten immediately started eating.The kitten was now safely in my cool, air conditioned room. We have another cat that is grown, that we had to keep the kitten locked in my room, not knowing what the other cat would do. After being out of my room for a little while I went back in my room to look for the kitten. I could not find it, evidently it was hiding. Finally I laid on my bed and the kitten and the kitten jumped on top of it and laid next to me.This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I named the kitten Simon. Shortly after the kitten had been there my mom thought the kitten was actually a girl. So I changed the name to a female name. Then I changed it again, then giving it so many female names I could not make up my mind what name I wanted. No one knew the kittens true gender. No one would know until it was taken to the vet. So, when the kitten got a little older, that was exactly what we did to get it fixed. After the kitten was fixed we asked if it was a boy or girl.The lady said " This kitten is a female" So I gave the kitten its final and best name, a named I loved-Athena. I wanted to give her a greek name, named after the mythical greek goddess. Athena grew closer and closer to me, sleeping with me every night, so loving, so affectionate.
It was revealed that the man at the store who told me she was a boy and his name was Bobby lied, assuming because had to said it was a girl I would not have taken it out of fear it would have babies. Athena grew up and her love for me became uncredible and vice versa. She never forgot I rescued her . She is a cat with a giant heart. I don t believe there is another cat on earth as sweet as Athena. The best thing that ever happened to me. I rescued a kitten that became the most wonderful thing in my life. God Bless Athena.
Kind Regards,
Jacob Young

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