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Made It

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Allison Reeder

Brain Tumor Type

Date of Diagnosis
Diagnosed at age 18 (10 years ago)

Age Group (If you are a caregiver/family member please check Caregiver/Family Member)
Adult: 21 and over

Performing Arts

Artist Statement (include type of art, techniques & materials used, what it means to you)
With it now being 10 years since the initial finding of my Cavernous Angioma, I decided to choreograph a piece depicting my struggles and successes. From age 18 to now 28, this ride has been quite a different one. The trials and errors of a pill journey, the doctors appointments, the anxiety of over analyzing symptoms, the opinions, migraines and the second hand stress it causes others has been exhausting BUT I know it could all be worse.
When it comes to choreography, I get most inspired by true stories and real life events. I like creating things that will make an audience feel something and I especially love having dancers who can make what I’m picturing come to life. I don’t normally create dances dedicated to myself but these four girls really made it what it is.
Dancing has always been my passion and though some of my polish has worn off, I am grateful to share my love and knowledge of this art with others. When I see my dancers on stage performing my choreography, part of me is on stage with them. The emotional side of dance is something I know I have full control over even if the physical part gets shaky.

Bio (include your age, tumor type and date of diagnosis)
Hi, my name is Alli. The discovery of my Cavernous Angioma happened in June of 2013 on my mom’s 50th birthday. Cavernous Angiomas go undiscovered for many people. I, however, knew something was off when my right foot started losing fine motor skills in my ballet and tap classes. Anyone who sees me would never know I have this golf ball-sized brain malformation, but with it sitting right on my motor strip and me being so in tune with my body, I notice the impact it has on my dancing.

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